Watch out, Rush the Crazy Feminazis are Coming (pt. 2)

The term “feminazi” is an insult ONLY if we choose to view it as an insult! Another way to think of it as a badge of honor. If you read the preceding article (pt. 1) you will understand the reason I’m making this claim. The attitude of the one on the receiving end of such an insult determines whether or not it will hurt them or heal them; offend them or embolden them!

Easter Sunday: A Kid and His 1:25th Scale Model Car

This Easter, Christians everywhere will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Physically they can’t be together as a community; however, they will be carrying the spirit of the risen savior in their hearts. The most important thing to them, whether they can gather in a worship service to celebrate the Easter event or not, is that Christ died, rose from the dead and offered them eternal salvation. Essentially, this is why they are Christians.

Coronavirus and Trump: Black Death 2.0

With the advent of the Age of Trump, science has been forced to take a backseat within conservative circles. Conservatives continually turn up their collective nose to the warnings scientists put out that seem, even remotely related to global warming. Other areas of denial include the biology of homosexuality and any topic related to evolution. Now that a new plague is at our doorstep, conservative-minded folks seem to be scrambling for answers from their ministers, bible passages and pet Trump-leaning political surrogates. Coronavirus

Deadly Christianity in the Age of Trump

In 2016 Donald Trump was elected president of United States which marked the dawning of a new age. This age is so significant we can refer to it as the age of Donald Trump! What’s more, I am of the opinion that historians, theologians and others will be referring to this time in history in the same way for years and centuries to come, because from this point in 2016 forward, everything in the world is now different.