Universally, Christian faiths hold the risen lord premise as a fundamental, if not the prime tenet of their faith; but can they deliver on this aspiration? Or is it something that sounds really, really awesome but is difficult, if not impossible to wield within the brand? It seems like the reality of the doctrines, priesthood and so on, which were originally thought to function as helps—training wheels or crutches of sorts—to aid the lowly layman or parishioner-style souls along their spiritual paths have long since mutated into somethings more resembling wheel chairs, iron lungs or strait jackets and are emphatically regarded as imperative. I fear that—even though the concept of a living Christ sounds very inviting, very liberating—the sad reality is that very few, within the sphere of the Christian brand, would have the desire or the vision to wriggle free of their doctrinal restrictions. So in the end, because this Christian brand has been in place for centuries, we might ask the question: “Has it essentially usurped the actual living Jesus from His rightful place as cornerstone of His Church?” If it has—has the very concept of Jesus as the living cornerstone of His Church been extinguished and lost in the vagaries of history, as well? Or just like the crucified Jesus Himself, will this living Christ cornerstone also rise again?! I believe it will.