Time to Start Laying Our Christian Cards on the Table

In this book we will get into some of these questions as well as discuss some possible techniques to use in de-polarizing the political climate within a congregation. These techniques are expressly designed for—not just easing in-house tensions—but for finding real solutions to fundamental problems within the community’s socio/political dynamic.


Watch out, Rush the Crazy Feminazis are Coming (pt. 2)

The term “feminazi” is an insult ONLY if we choose to view it as an insult! Another way to think of it as a badge of honor. If you read the preceding article (pt. 1) you will understand the reason I’m making this claim. The attitude of the one on the receiving end of such an insult determines whether or not it will hurt them or heal them; offend them or embolden them!

Easter Sunday: A Kid and His 1:25th Scale Model Car

This Easter, Christians everywhere will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Physically they can’t be together as a community; however, they will be carrying the spirit of the risen savior in their hearts. The most important thing to them, whether they can gather in a worship service to celebrate the Easter event or not, is that Christ died, rose from the dead and offered them eternal salvation. Essentially, this is why they are Christians.

Good Friday 2020: “Tuning Up”

If you read to the end of the betrayal account, you’ll see that once Jesus allowed Himself to be taken into custody, bound and abused by His captors, Judas realized what a terrible and tragic mistake he had made. So pungent was his regret over his actions, the scriptures report, that Judas went out and hanged himself.