The Christian Brand

The Christian Brand Interjects Biases into the Narrative

Different scripture passages hold different values and those values have been assigned importance based on how long these passages have been in play within the Christian sector. Christians make the loose claim that all scriptures originate with God and they tend to refer to them collectively as the WORD; but in actuality there are scriptures that are more important to Christians which they rely on to promote and defend their own particular denomination’s doctrines. A prime example of this is in the Catholic Church’s use of the scripture in Matthew 16: 17&18 [KJV] (which we referred to a few minutes ago). This scripture, is an exchange between Jesus and a handful of His apostles. Upon first reading it seems as though Jesus is telling His apostles that He intends to build His church upon Peter.

The Catholic Church puts great emphasis on this particular scripture, in fact they proclaim their authority comes directly from Jesus’s declaration that He intended to build His church upon Peter! But is this what Jesus is claiming in this scripture?! Two millennia’s-worth of Catholic authority has effectively infused untold credence and weight into the Catholic’s interpretation of this scripture; in essence it’s become their scripture.  So the question to be asked: Is it the two millennia’s-worth of Catholic authority that breathes life into this scripture so as to grow its membership to a number that exceeds 1.2 billion!? Or has the Catholic Empire been drawing its authority from a feedback loop of the misinterpretation of this scripture?

Other denominations put great emphasis on certain other scripture passages which lend credence to their belief system and a unique spin on the gospel message. This practice is commonplace and has been going on, more or less since day one. This is to be expected, but if this approach can be used by those working inside the religious establishments, shouldn’t this same approach be available to anyone who’s reading scriptures in search of inspiration!? As more and more denominational spinoffs come out of a specific divergent interpretation of a scripture passage, the practice has become to esteem the interpretation itself as the spiritual measuring rod of truth, rather than the other way around! This is how doctrines have been pushing aside the inspirational influence of the Holy Ghost and elbowing their way to the front of the line! And the main doctrine they are serving is the doctrine of “personal salvation”! Today, 2,000 years into the normalization of such a practice has lead us to an overarching presumption that these scripture interpretations are correct simply because whole denominations have been based upon them. This approach is fundamentally flawed.

Lyrical bonus…

Eye of God


Eye of God, eye of God sees me

Eye of God, eye of God reads me

Like a sun burns down the dark around me

Eye of God, warms me then frees me


Sometimes I get caught in a tangle of living

I’ll struggle, roll around trying to work it loose alone

Managing finally to get to my knees calling on someone I’ve known

Houdini voodoo can’t hold a candle to…

When Jesus loosens my hands and feet

And I hit the street. I’m on the move again.


Sometimes I find I am lost

And I ‘m not quite sure why

I know I got in here. I’m in here, but how and why?!

I scramble into action, snooping for direction, but no!

An APB out on me wouldn’t serve to bring me in alive

Jesus splits, as with beacon, my region of nowhere

A feeling of help’s arrived!

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