Let There Be Light

In Genesis it describes the creation process happening as a result of God speaking the words.  “Let there be light.” And there was such power and truth contained within His words that every commandment He spoke became reality!  I wrote a lyric once about Peter stepping out of his boat to walk out to where Jesus was standing.  Before he did this however he asked Jesus if it would be okay to walk out to Him.  Jesus’s response was one word, “Come!” In the song the point I was making was that the same power of the Holy Ghost resident in the phrase “let there be light” was resident in the word “Come” as it was directed to Peter.

This past Saturday, my wife and I were in the popular but small resort town of South Haven, Michigan.  It’s a favorite spot for us to go, walk around and soak up the seaside ambience of the place.  And on Saturday we did walk around a residential neighborhood for a while and it made for a delightful experience on such a beautiful day.  Before we head of town, Diann wanted to stop at a small shop to replace a stone for ring she had bought a few years earlier.  I waited in the car for the 10 minutes it took her to do this.  She wondered if we couldn’t quick pop back to where she’d just come from to sweet shop for some fudge.  As we were working our way up and down the main street trying to zero in on the location of the sweet shop, we heard a large commotion just around the corner that sounded like a marching band moving our way getting ready to play their instruments.  We stopped and turned around and noticed police cars and policemen roaming on the streets.  We saw them on the way in but, at the time assumed they were just working traffic.  Standing on a sidewalk on Main Street, looking to our left toward the source of the sound, the commotion grew louder.  It seemed to be a parade of marching people and they were talking, or chanting in a loud, unified voice.  What are they saying?  I couldn’t make it out, exactly; when, suddenly the words seemed crystal clear!  The unified voice was like one, huge voice!  It was the same voice that commanded: “Let there be light!” and to Peter: “Come!” This time it was saying: “Black lives matter!”

As the realization of what was occurring began sinking in, the main street and sidewalks and the shops on both sides of the street were engulfed in the power of the Holy Ghost.  The whole area had been transformed into holy ground.  Tears started streaming down my cheeks, as they did down Diann’s as she confided to me later.  Next, I realized there was a second layer to the message this one-voice-God-voice was expressing: “Say her name, Breonna Taylor!”

And for me it seemed as though there was quite a sizeable host of angels marching with the demonstrators working the periphery of crowd among the spectators and policemen at the same time.

Back in the 1990s I went to a spiritual rally called, “Promise Keepers” and at this rally I was hit with the same overwhelming power of the Holy Ghost.  I remember we walked into the event space (which was the old Silverdome in Detroit) on the afternoon before the main event.  There weren’t many people in the space at that time; just a choir on the stage running through a few of their worship songs, and the odd stagehand fussing about getting ready for the big performance the next morning.

I agreed to attend this rally in more of a support role.  I wasn’t anticipating much of anything happening, in fact I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder against this particular rally because of what they were charging for admission.  I had crunched the numbers on how much money they were due to rake in and I had it pegged as somewhat of a scam. The guys I had gone with were recovering addicts and it was two of these guys who were with me that afternoon sitting in this almost empty arena with seemingly nothing going on.  As I was standing there looking around the Silverdome my two companions had scurried around and sat down in one of the stadium seats.  It did feel very peaceful in there and after a few minutes I decided to sit down myself.  My two companions were seated several seats down to my right.  It was when this “peace” feeling began ratcheting up inside me and I was getting close to tears that I began to suspect some God thing was afoot. Then when I looked over at my companions down the row, saw that both of their faces were soaked with tears that I realized, Jesus was in the house. If we build it, He will come.

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