The 2020 Leaning Tower of Trump

In the Old Testament there is a reference to a tower, the Tower of Babel.  The short narrative about this tower is it was constructed by the people against God’s will and what happened to it in the end is God destroyed it.  The rest of the narrative goes on to explain that God scattered the people who built it and confounded their tongues.  Something similar happened to not a tower, but a temple in Nauvoo, Illinois in the early to mid-1800s.  The temple was constructed by the Mormons without specifically being instructed to do so by God.  Like the Tower of Babel, this temple was destroyed but was done so in a more lackluster way: it was torched by vandals.

In a metaphysical sense God’s people have been building a church, a temple or a tower ever sense Jesus departed the earth.  In my book, Jesus, the Chief Cornerstone I talk about Jesus describing Himself as a cornerstone and it was this cornerstone (Himself) off from which His followers could/should build a church.  Also in the book I talk about the Christian brand of church His followers actually DID build instead. The apostles and other early disciples began building this other church from a cornerstone that wasn’t Jesus.  As I was writing that book the mental image I was working from was more of a conventional wall of a building that, in context with history, grew longer in length as it progressed through the annals of history.  Today I want to change up this image to imagine the progress through history as it has taken the construction up and up, like a tower or a skyscraper.

With this image in your mind, starting out at ground level with Jesus as the cornerstone the structure would rise straight and true; plumb as a whistle.  So no matter how high it grew it would be able to keep standing, even decades and centuries later.  On the other hand if this structure was started with a cornerstone that wasn’t Jesus, it would rise crooked or tipping to one side and would resemble the leaning Tower of Pisa.  The one difference is our tower, after two millennia-worth of growth, would be looming up at a colossal height indeed!  If we factor into our analogy an additional metaphysical component, it would have to be the effect Trump has had on many of Christ’s followers at this time in history.  This same quirk at the bottom of this tower, having a flawed foundational reference stone or cornerstone, is bearing the metaphysical fruit of its defective foundation.  And the big and glaring evidence of this is that it is now leaning to one side.  In fact it’s leaning so severely that it’s in danger of toppling over!  The evidence, in the metaphysical sense, shows up in the Christian brand’s propensity toward self-righteousness.  This propensity is waving like a flag atop the tower; boldly pointing out the “us-n-them” building block inserted in the base of its structure.  Perhaps during the Middle Ages this “us-n-them” perspective made more sense due to the simple fact that humans were, by necessity, much more wary of one another. These days the overarching impetus for humanity is to move beyond this wariness and try to cultivate cooperative, if not collaborative, enterprises with their fellow humans. The Trump Christians have been slower at getting in step with this impetus however, as they continue to view the “us-n-them” perspective as a virtue rather than a flaw.

My theory with this tower is that God won’t have to judge it or deal with it directly like He did with our previous examples; it’s getting ready to collapse on its own.  What makes this quite the perfect analogy is the Trump Tower connection.  Trump Towers are showing in full and opulent relief all over the globe and in their own way they loom as towering icons of self-righteousness.  Are these leaning towers of Trump the cathedrals of the new age?

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