Trump: The Wild Card

How has Trump Changed the Republican Party?

The reason Trump is such a huge factor today within the church has to do with his political party affiliation, Republican. And For generations the Republican Party has been associated with conservative policies; fiscal responsibility, high moral standards, etc. Because this is the case everyone assumes that this conservative Republican Party is, by de facto, God’s political party!  This concept is a fairly easy sell in that the majority of registered Republicans consider themselves Christians!  Those Christians who aren’t conservative tend to keep their Christianity on the down low. By this I mean they don’t publicize or advertise the tenets of their faith. They tend to be more demonstrative and vocal in their political views and practices. These views tend to be all-inclusive and equity-minded. They are less self-serving and more focused on what is good for everybody rather than their own financial bottom line. The Republicans, on the other hand, build entire campaigns around issues of morality and spotlighting the lack of same in their political opponents, the Democrats.

So when Trump came along and dominated the 2015/2016 campaign presidential campaign season, the conservative Christian Republicans were gifted Donald Trump whether they liked it or not. And many didn’t like it, at first, it became their reality seemingly overnight. The Republicans who voted for him as well as Republicans in office who might well have had a bit of buyer’s remorse at first as Trump’s real colors began showing through. Nevertheless, the vast majority of Republicans fell in line behind Trump and; those who didn’t (who were very few in number) chose to keep their innermost thoughts and feelings about him to themselves or suffer the consequences at the hands of their fellow Republicans. Frosting on the cake for the Republicans in 2016 was they retained both houses of Congress. But the Evangelicals’ position is still a bit of a head-scratcher to me. They seemed exuberantly on board with Trump, even during the primaries. Perhaps they saw him as such a wildcard; he seemed as though he had the political game to go all the way and once in the White House he could be manipulated into helping them reach their conservative agendas. A second strategy, the evangelicals were holding close to their chest, has to do with end time prophecies. There are some scriptures that forecast that Jerusalem has to be in the Jewish domain before Jesus will come back. The evangelicals in their perverse logic perhaps believed they could induce this prophecy by putting someone like Donald Trump in as commander-in-chief of the most powerful military force on earth. With a wildcard like Donald Trump in the oval office perhaps WWIII (aka: Armageddon) would become an almost certainty. In this way they would be forcing the second coming of Jesus; in the same way Judas did when he sold out Jesus to the Pharisees; at least according to their doctrine-based thinking. A major vulnerability with a belief system which relies solely upon doctrines and a rigid hierarchical structure as its authority base is that it is in constant risk of coming off the rails. In the example of Judas turning Jesus over to the representatives of the Mosaic Law (the Pharisees) he was effectively allocating to them more authority than he did to Jesus. The same miscalculation; the same misidentification of actual divine authority is where the conservative Christians fell down in throwing over their complete and total support to Donald Trump’s presidency!

Because today’s posting was on the short side, I included a piece from my collection of Lyrics…

Creation Tech

Technician in a lab 

Concocting and constructing

Animation’s inner workings 

Making as out of nothing

Appendages and Hinges

Strung with rubber bandings

No puppeteering rig

But poetry in motion

Book of science in his hand

Manufactured in a word

And in the calm after the storm

Spoke code for spinning world

Embodiment of fluid movement

Stretch of live elastic

No ridged hulk and whirring turbines

Trip light of life fantastic

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