Trump’s 1000’s of Lies are Getting Innocent People into Tents Once Again

Examining two ways in which Trump has forced people into tents; through his war on refugees, and his denial of the reality of COVID-19.

Refugees exhibit the very inner fortitude upon which this country was built.  

We should be welcoming these people with open arms instead of turning them away or worse. Political spin has blinded—those who are under the thumb of fear mongering rhetoric—to the truth about them. Strive for the perspective that the majority of these refugees fall into the category of peacemakers and ones hungering and thirsting after righteousness. It takes a lot of personal character and inner resolve to pack up all of your belongings and leave, not just your house, but your homeland—everything you’ve ever known—in an effort to save your children from daily hardships and threats of bodily harm! This is what they’re doing, essentially and the Republican pundits who are continually spinning the situation in the opposite direction and have been creating the narrative that these people are traveling long distances while harboring ill will and animus towards America and the American people; that, in short, they’re coming here to rape our citizens and plunder our homeland.

On every level this narrative makes absolutely no sense. If the conservatives could manage to get their wits about them long enough to consider that they are being lied to by Rush Limbaugh and all of the other conspiracy radio talking heads, they might stand a better chance of thinking this whole scenario through in a way that makes more sense[Christianity in the Age of Trump]

At the middle part of 2019 the big controversy tied to Trump was his campaign to round up refugees who were “flooding in” to our southern border.  Part of the spin affiliated with this story was that these people were on an untoward mission to storm our gates, as it were.  The reason Trump was doing this was to spool up a ridiculous narrative that would win him political support; but it was at the expense of these poor, indigent refugees.  My theory on why he was so focused on the refugees was that he wanted his wall along the southern border to keep them and other “illegals” from getting in to the country.  Trump doesn’t really care about America or her southern border.  He doesn’t care if these people get in, don’t get in; this whole gambit is a scheme that he hopes will get him his wall.  If you remember, he sent troops down there to protect our southern border.  That was a publicity stunt, soldiers in full regalia made for an excellent photo OP.  Trump really wants that wall as part of his presidential legacy.  In essence it would be his version of Mount Rushmore or Lincoln memorial, a Trump monument, if you will—not unlike the skyscrapers that display his name in some of the biggest cities across the globe.  To make this wall dream of his a reality, he will do whatever it takes; even rounding up desperate people and imprisoning them in tents.

With the coronavirus, Trump’s spin is once again getting innocent people into tents.  His lack of preparation resulting from his total denial of the reality of this pandemic has effectively put Americans way behind the curve in dealing with the devastation we are beginning to witness all over America.  There is a huge deficit of the COVID-19 test kits, face masks, rubber gloves, ventilators, and hospital beds that the health provider community is in dire need of.  In their scramble to deal with the tidal wave of corona virus patients some cities are erecting tents outside the emergency entrance of their hospitals.  Today (3/29/20) more than 2000 people have died of the coronavirus in the U.S. alone and the number keeps rising at an alarming rate.  Oddly enough, Trump’s numbers are ticking up a bit.

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