Watch Out, Rush the Crazy Feminazis are Coming (pt.1)


Rush Limbaugh and the Feminazis

Upon first consideration of the term “feminazi”, our response might be a negative one.  This response, however may well be incorrect, let me explain!  “Feminazi” is a term that was originated by Rush Limbaugh many years ago and he meant it as a putdown to whomever he tagged it with. In doing this, he framed that person as someone who was in some way opposed to himself or to his own, mean-spirited views.  In my mind; it’s a short walk from first hearing Rush Limbaugh refer to someone in this way—as a feminazi—to concluding that this person is someone I’d very much like to know!  In the same vein it figures that this feminazi would have to be, by definition the opposite of an actual Nazi!  So if your garden variety Nazi would include people like: HitlerHimmlerJosef MengeleAdolf Eichmann, and so on; then examples of feminazis [my interpretation] might include people like: Joan of ArcMary MagdalenHarriet TubmanSusan B. Anthony and Eleanor Roosevelt.  More recent members might well include women like: Rosa ParksMother TeresaMaya Angelou, Christine Blasey Ford, as well as countless ultra-active, powerful Congress women and U.S. Senators like Debbi Stabenow and Nancy Pelosi!  To my way of thinking, the actions and the views of these women (along with countless others) have caused Rush Limbaugh and his cronies to tip their hand revealing to the world that they are deeply fearful of these women with enough temerity to speak out against the barrage of lies!  The most difficult part about making a list of examples of such women is that for every one listed, 10,000s are not; however any and every authentic feminazi knows in her heart who she is!

And I don’t want to limit “feminazis” to women only, because there are many male feminazis!  And I’m not referring to anyone’s sexual orientation here.  I’m talking about a mental and spiritual quality; intestinal fortitudeaudaciousness + resolve to the point of being labeled a witch by those whose mental capacities vibrate at a more nominal frequency.  I’m talking about souls who answered an inner call to go to D.C. the day after Trump’s inauguration in order to stand in solidarity against his presidency!  It’s the sort of character trait Jesus spoke of in the Beatitudes: “Blessed are the peacemakers”; “Blessed are as those who hunger and thirst after righteousness”. These feminazis who were able to get under Rush Limbaugh’s skin to such a degree as to earn this nickname says much about their inner character.  Again—this kind of character isn’t limited to women alone. That being said, women have been slighted and oppressed far too long and it is because of this oppression, their inner spiritual nobility is, becoming very conspicuous in this age of cultural darkness within our nation and the world.  It is much needed and perhaps seen as stepping forward just the nick of time.  We can think of it as a knight in shining armor showing up to save the day.  This feminine blue wave is not unlike like the brilliance of the sun beginning to reveal itself from behind a dark cloud.

Why am I singling out Rush Limbaugh today?  It has to do with an event which occurred a few months ago.  It was during Trump’s State of the Union Address, in the middle somewhere, he took the time and the audacity to present Rush Limbaugh with the Congressional Medal of Freedom.  Although I didn’t watch this ordeal as it aired, I did hear about it the next day and watched a video clip of it.  It didn’t sit well with me and it didn’t seem at all right that Rush Limbaugh should be receiving this medal; but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly WHY it didn’t feel right.  After a day or two of mulling the situation over, the first thing that occurred to me had to do with a statement Jesus once made:

31 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” [John 8:31-32 NIV]

Once I read this scripture all the tumblers fell into place for me.  Truth and freedom.  Rush Limbaugh was getting a medal of freedom by utilizing the opposite of truth—lies—to obtain it!  What was happening during this ceremony was a spiritual conflict in which right and wrong (righteousness and self-righteousness) were having a bare knuckles, knock down brawl on live TV.  Evil was displaying its muscle by awarding the Congressional Medal of Freedom to a pathological liar and the blind puppets in the chamber were rising to their feet to applaud this display.  Meanwhile in the back row, feminazi [my term]: Nancy Pelosi was demonstratively tearing her copy of Donald Trump’s speech into small bits in full view of everyone in the room as well as millions of television viewers at home.  Perhaps many of these home viewers (like me) were on their feet in their own living rooms and applauding her display!  To be continued.

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