Conservative Christians: Corrupting 2000 Years of Christianity

A discussion about how and why conservative Christians are misrepresenting the word and work of Jesus.

As much as all of this unabashed support by the right-wing conservatives has caused negative repercussions upon the national and world stages, it is also causing havoc within Christianity as a whole.  Millions of other Christians—those not aligned with the right-wing camp of believers—are being dragged into the muck and mire along with the loud-mouthed conservatives, even though they see themselves in a different camp altogether. As a result they find themselves in a quandary about what to do.  What can they do?  The Christian narrative of “personal salvation” is a belief most of the yet sane, more liberally-minded Christians have in common with these right-wing Trump supporters. They don’t necessarily aspire to the bulk of their right-wing ideology because much of it doesn’t feel right—it doesn’t feel like Jesus resides with, nor is very comfortable within the conservative camp. However, the doctrines which the conservatives aspire to have their roots in the Bible and it’s hard to use scriptures to countermand their talking points, at least not in an effective way.

In the political world there is much speculation that Donald Trump is doing irreparable damage to the Republican Party!  The party which was once esteemed: “the party of Lincoln”; which in more recent years could at least claim to be “the party of Reagan”; from now on, though they will be forever referred to as “the party of Donald Trump”.  At this juncture, late in 2019, it seems as though impeachment for Trump is inevitable. Yet most Republicans are still with him—trying to make excuses for his imbecilic and impeachable behavior. Those who stay with him too long run the risk of being pulled over the political cliff right along with him! Whatever the case, the Republican Party itself will never be the same; perhaps it will never heal from the Trump trauma. Will it be known one day soon as the late great Republican Party?! In like manner, Christianity is suffering because of all of the right-wing Christians who have and are enthusiastically supporting Trump. So the question must be asked: “Will the Christian brand suffer a similar blow due to the Trump debacle”?! And will these prideful, self-righteous Christian blowhards pull Jesus over the cliff with them?! The thrust of this book isn’t to defame the good name of Jesus Christ, rather it’s too salvage it before the Christians successfully do it to themselves and to the good name of the one they eagerly profess?!

In the book (Christianity in the Age of Trump), we will discuss why the Christian brand chose to associate with the Trump brand. We will get into how it slowly but surely became inevitable that America would end up in a place like the one we’re in, now.  Additionally, we will get into what can be done, what steps can be taken to slow, stop and then reverse this trend. Just like the dilemma we face with climate change, which demands we move in a direction that will reverse it; the same is true with America’s cultural rift which has its roots within Christianity! We must reverse the trends within both of these arenas and we must do so quickly.  The time to act is now but the actions we take must be decisive and exacting. The good news is that both of these trends are reversible, fixable and the solutions to both are surprisingly straightforward and very doable. The trick is to change the shared perspective within a sufficient number of people to do it.

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